Best Facebook Ads software for your marketing campaigns

Nowadays the social media marketing is one of the most popular ways of advertising that the companies are currently using to promote their businesses. Thanks to the use of facebook ads softwares we will be able to improve how the budget is spent and the facebook ads performance.

Everyday new software are published into the market and it is always more difficult to understand which of these tools are giving the best results.

That’s why we decided to run a big number of tests in order to find the current best facebook ads software that will permit to improve your work on the marketing campaigns that you currently run or that you plan to create.

What is a Facebook ads software?

The Facebook ads software is a tool that will help you to improve the campaign that you are currently running or that can completely automate. It helps you to manage all the aspects of your marketing campaigns on the facebook advertising tool.

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The tools of marketing ads management automation will analyze the performance of the current campaigns that you run and thanks to the given data, a number of suggestions of improvement opportunity will be returned to you.

The data is processed through algorithms that will find the opportunity to save the budget and to improve the quality of the targeted users.

Why should I use a facebook ads manager automatization software?

The main reasons why you should use a Facebook ads software are:

  1. Budget Optimization: Thank to the use of the best ads campaign manager you would be able to reduce the expenses on average of three times! So if you are currently paying 10.000$ per month, you can potentially save over 80.000$ per year!
  2. Target Optimization: Some of the most used facebook ads software such as AdsConcierge are currently using complex analysis algorithms in order to improve the facebook users to who will be targeted the marketing campaigns. The improvement of the targeted user will allow you to save the budget that currently is not useful to find new customers o business opportunities.
  3. Time Management Improvement: Do you know that who uses the marketing ads software needs 10 times less the amount of time of the manual marketing campaign creation? These tools are amazing not just because of the budget optimization, but also because of the positive effects on the time management side and as we always were told… Time is money!
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The best facebook ads software

There are multiple options in the market, that’s why we analyzed multiple options such as Semrush, Zoho Social, Hootsuite ads but we found out that currently the best facebook ads software is .

We run multiple tests such as money spent on ads optimization, automated targeting in the english and spanish market and the results were quite impressive. In just 2 months of use we were able to reduce the expense of 50% saving half of our monthly budget.


Thanks to AdsConcierge you will be able to automate the publishing on all platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkeding and many other platforms.

It offers a free trial of 30 days with a free support option that will guarantee you the full experience in order to understand the tool and improve the marketing campaigns that you currently are running or to create new facebook ads campaigns.

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The tool automate the creation of ads from the social media data or from the Google Analytics data. Furthermore, thanks to AdsConcierge you will be able to create a high number of ads just by entering your titles, images and description.

Then the tool will automatically create ads for you: You will now be able to control ad budgets by impressions, time and money spent.